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How to set up Loqate with Magento 2

Please note Magento 1 is no longer supported.

Before you start, make sure you have an Loqate account. If you don’t already have one, you will need to sign up.

From your Magento 2 Store

Magento 2 offers you an easier way to install extensions and updates by synchronizing your purchases from the marketplace to your store. If you have this setup, you can simply purchase our extension for free and then use the updater to install it into your Magento 2 site.

When the app is installed you can continue to the Magento Settings section to set up your field mappings.

Manual install

Alternatively, if you have access to your store file system you can install it manually.

Step 1

Download the .ZIP file from the Magento 2 Store.

Step 2

  • Locate the app/code/ directory, which should be under the Magento root installation.
  • If the code folder is not there, create it.
  • Create a folder called Loqate inside the located app/code/.
  • Create a folder called Tag in the Loqate folder.
  • Extract the contents of the .ZIP file to the Tag folder you just created.

Step 3

Refer to the Magento 2 documentation for full instructions on how to install an app. In development mode, the commands should be something similar to the following:

php bin/magento setup:upgrade - This will tell Magento to install the app

php bin/magento cache:flush - This will clear any old cache</p/>

For commands to install the app in production mode, see the recommended Magento 2 documentation.

Magento settings

The configuration for the Loqate extension is located under Stores > Other Settings > Loqate Settings.

Magento 2 Loqate settings

In the login screen, enter the username and password combination you used when signing up for your Loqate account, and click “Log in”.

Enter your log in details

Configure the service

Once you have logged into the Loqate service in Magento it is ready to use. The extension automatically maps all the default Magento fields, so Loqate will be available on any page with an address form.

NB: Please be aware that this integration will automatically map our Email and Phone Validation services in addition to Address Validation. If you do not wish to use these services, you can easily disable the API keys in your online account. Once the keys are deactivated the extra services will disappear. 

The configuration of these fields can be managed by logging into your Loqate Account. The field mappings can be restricted based on location (paid plan), url and/or user. We recommend restricting the service per user and by URL so that your credits cannot be abused or used by another website.

The following configuration options are available in the Magento Loqate Extension only:

  • Custom code: Custom JavaScript code can be pasted in here if you want some other functionality to be loaded at the same time as the Loqate service.

Enter your configuration details

Using the Service

Test the service by navigating to your checkout page, and try typing the first few characters of an address. You will see Loqate provides a list of addresses to select from, selecting an address will autofill the remaining address fields.


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