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Chris Tingley

Location Data Specialist | Helping businesses drive efficiencies & growth via sophisticated technology solutions

Data and technology go hand in hand. The digital commerce world is consistently changing, as is the way we do business. My mission is to help businesses achieve the highest level of quality in data while improving business efficiencies and growth through the use of sophisticated technology solutions.

You may have heard the phrase “Data is the new oil”. I agree, but only if it’s of the highest quality. Thanks to a combination of the leading technology with the richest data, I help businesses worldwide achieve the precision they need. This, in turn, gives their customers the best possible experiences, in a range of industries from eCommerce, travel, retail, and finance.

I have a particular interest in the way that the 3PL and Travel sectors depend on data quality to be able to operate efficiently.

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Since using Loqate, we have definitely seen a decrease in failed deliveries due to inaccurate address data.
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