Loqate, a GBG solution

What you'll learn

Top 30 winners

The who's who of the top 30

Review of the Loqate Internationalisation Retail Index including; retail royalty, brands to watch and the surprises of the index.



What does this mean in today's digital world, and why understanding the local market and your customer's unique circumstances is key to your success.


Lessons from the best

Why digital and eCommerce has changed retail for ever and what online capabilities and strategies retailers should be considering to succeed internationally. 

The future

The future of retail

What consumers want next from their favourite brands, and how to make sure you are the leader in your sector.

On demand 

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The panel of retail experts will provide invaluable insight and advice on the key technology and online capabilities to implement if you are considering expanding internationally.  And if you have already gone global, then discover what strategies, including tactical acquisitions and partnerships, that will help you perfect your global appeal. 

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Our host and panel of retail experts

Chris Boaz - Host

Group Marketing Director, GBG


David Green

Managing Director, Location Intelligence, Loqate - a GBG solution


Robert Gregory

Global Research Director, Planet Retail RNG

Planet Retail

Ian McGariggle

Chairman of World Retail Congress and co-founder of Retail Week

World Retail Congress  Retail Week

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