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Establishing partnerships is essential as a go-to-market strategy to reach target customers and achieve a competitive advantage.

There is a great deal of noise within the software industry; to rise above the competition it’s wise to invest in partner enablement to market your solutions more effectively.

One company that is putting this into practice is SAP. It is good to see one of the key players in software investing in their partner program from the top down.

SAP has developed a next-generation ecosystem, which is intended to refine the partner experience and allow them to innovate and develop their own IP on SAP Cloud Platform.

According to SAP, it is hoped the new strategy will free SAP partners from strict resale and implementation activities and adopt a broader role in helping customers become intelligent enterprises.

This strategy to build partnerships “will be required to achieve SAP’s dual overarching goals: to grow revenue through sales and improve margins through operating efficiencies.”

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At Loqate, our partner program is designed to enhance our partners’ offering to enable them to deliver the best product to market.

Our partner program is fashioned to allow our associates to offer, build, or enhance their location-based data solutions across a variety of applications, leveraging our market-leading address verification, predictive type-ahead technology, and geocode products.

Loqate’s complete solution is comprised of two products, setting it apart from any other data solution on the market. Additionally, the partner program is adaptable, tailored to specific business requirements via Embed, Implement, Resell, and Refer capabilities.

Wide-ranging partner benefits, comprehensive training assets, and our exclusive Partner Portal provides a robust community of resources for our partners and accelerates how we support them globally.

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Loqate offers the only complete global data solution available on the market. Why not find out more about our offering to learn how your organization could benefit from becoming a partner with Loqate?

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