Loqate, a GBG solution

In the following videos, you hear how last year's feedback has shaped our products and services to meet your expectations. 

Reaching Hard to Address Markets



Based on the feedback you've told us, we know that the challenges of growing globally in hard to address markets are increasingly important to you. At Loqate, we want to make these markets accessible to you by combining the best available data sources together with additional data sets and local knowledge. 

The Last Mile Challenge



Loqate’s core mission Helping every business in the world reach every customer in the world is a commitment we give to our customers. To manage the challengeable last mile, it’s crucial to rely on high-quality data which allows you to pinpoint an address or a location on a map. 

Using the Best Data



Loqate is built on the foundations of providing the best, most complete data right to our customer’s fingertips. One of the most important aspects of creating great location data solutions is the ability to effectively blend multiple reference data sources into a consistent, structured and reliable single view of a location. 

Meeting Customer Expectations



Voice and GPS are two heavily used features when it comes to convenience on mobile devices. Loqate sees the opportunity in these technologies to give customers the choice of being able to tap, type or say where they live. We know from our customers that future-proof technology and continued investment in further developments of our software are needed in order to stay ahead of their competition and be ready for future challenges.

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