Address Verification

What Is Address Verification?

Address verification is an essential tool in data quality management. This tool will analyze address information captured from your customers and attempt to match it against address data we have sourced from postal authorities and premier mapping organizations across the world.

Our solution can:

Support data in any UTF-8 format

Correct common misspellings

Add any address values omitted during entry

Standardize and format addresses under standards specified by postal authorities, and the Universal Postal Union

Global Knowledge Repository

The Global Knowledge Repository (GKR) is GBG Loqate’s proprietary database which combines our Knowledge Base data with our location reference data. Our Knowledge Base consists of proprietary lexicon and context parsing rules created specifically for each country and territory around the world.

The GKR gives our solution the ability to parse unstructured address data from any country even when address values are placed in an incorrect order.

User input address
User Input Address

The address values are in the incorrect order and spelled incorrectly.

Address after verification
After Address Verification

The address values are now in the correct order and spelled correctly.

Our GKR contains location reference data from

over 248 countries & territories


Auto Complete


Point of Capture Verification

This is our auto-complete solution for real-time address entry.
Auto-Complete will attempt to predict the address the user is entering with each keystroke.

  • Reduce address entry time
  • Increase accuracy by eliminating misspellings
  • Available for over 248 countries and territories


Component Level Verification

This is our solution for batch verification needs. Verify will indicate the validity of each address value included in the input address. This solution can validate both partial and full address inputs.

  • Access to process 3 million records per hour
  • Single API for address verification across the world
  • Reduce errors in shipping and mailing resulting in lower cost




Transliteration is the process of converting words or letters in one script to another script. Our solution provides transliteration capabilities across 8 scripts including: Cyrillic, Hellenic, Hebrew, Kanji, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Thai, Hangul.

This example shows transliteration between Kanji and Latin.

Postal Certifications

Postal Certifications

Our solution can perform certified data processing for postal authority-approved address verification.

  • Measure the accuracy of address data directly against the postal authority’s postal data
  • Enhance addresses with unique data fields provided by the postal authority
  • Quality for postal discounts on mailing services and lists

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