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5 Simple Ways to Scale Your E-Commerce Empire

In a world where e-commerce is king, it’s become increasingly difficult to differentiate from the many, many competitors worldwide. For example, a company in t...

Location Intelligence and Pi: An Infinite Cycle

It’s Pi Day. It’s also Albert Einstein’s birthday. There’s tons to celebrate – numbers, science and pie – but we must also remember the intelligence we face every day.

The Anatomy of Healthcare Revenue Loss

Let’s start by stating the obvious: Loss of revenue is never a good thing....

How Address Validation and Chocolate Have the Same Effect on Your Customer

For us, regular folks, Valentine’s Day takes place once a year. For businesses, every day should be Valentine’s Day.

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Easy to integrate

Using the everythinglocation.com APIs, you can build and integrate address capture, verification and geocoding into your own applications.

We provide both RESTful and SOAP APIs so you can search, process and enhance Worldwide address data either per-record or in a batch environment.

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Flexible, accessible usage

Our user model allows you to consume what you need, when you need, without having to choose up-front between countries, regions and character sets.

How good is your address data?

We'll tell you. Our engine provides accurate reporting on the validity and completeness of your address data before and after processing.

Learn more about our report codes at everythinglocation.com

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Search for, locate and bookmark any address or location in the World with your very own lqt.me link. Use it on your stationary, promotional items, in editorial, on social media - or anywhere!

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Our Technology

Data is full of address data

Different countries, multiple character sets, inconsistent formats, mixed fields – and so on. We have the tools to improve them, enhance them, and show you exactly what they’re worth.

Instant, interactive address entry

Single-line address search has arrived!
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Address coverage for 240+ countries and territories

Address Coverage for more than 240 countries – Using a wide range of postal and third-party suppliers, we have one of the largest collections of valid address data in the World.
Country coverage summary | Country coverage detail

Address transliteration for nine character sets

Transliterate between native and Latin – with support for nine different character scripts including Kanji, Hangul, Hellenic and Cyrillic.
Read more about transliteration

Loqate is hiring – Looking for a new, exciting challenge? Look no further. Come and join one of the fastest growing software companies in America!
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Certified address processing for CASS, AMAS and SERP

Certified processing for CASS™, AMAS and SERP – advanced processing and profiling of address data for the United States, Australia and Canada respectively.
Request access to our Support site to learn more


Standardize, validate and format unstructured and incomplete address data in batch or on a per-record basis. Read more


Use our unrivalled location reference data to match valid addresses to point-level digital coordinates. Read more


Interactive, real-time search and capture of valid address data and geocodes for your applications and interfaces. Read more

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