Chapter 06.

Customer story


  • Boost the effectiveness of customer communication across Rank Group’s multiple brands
  • Embed a safer gambling ethos throughout the business, and identify and interact with vulnerable customers
  • Meet stringent industry data regulations


  • We undertook a large-scale data cleanse on customers who had interacted with Rank Group over the past 24 months. Checked against Royal Mail PAF – the most up-to-date Postcode Address File – addresses in the database were parsed, standardized, verified, cleansed and formatted. A suppression cleanse was then carried out to flag any house movers or deceased customers
  • We carried out an email and mobile validation cleanse. Both of these cleanses were key in enhancing Rank Group’s communication strategy, improving customer service, and making sure the intervention team could get in touch with customers quickly to provide safeguards if problems arose.


  • Improved customer communication and customer experience
  • Reduced marketing costs (mainly mailing and SMS) by up to £500,000 per annum
  • Worked towards improving fidelity of a single customer view to detect fraudulent accounts faster and reduce gambling harm
  • Formulated a data quality dashboard allowing data quality metrics to be shared across the business