What we wanted to know

The fact that the extremely frustrating scenarios in the experiment were found to cause strong revulsion in the minds of consumers is telling. Such strong revulsion suggests that we’ll do all we can to avoid experiencing it again.

Let’s just let that settle in for a moment. Customers who have a poor experience leave with their brains telling them to actively avoid returning to that online retailer again - this is crucial. When people experience extreme frustration in relation to a specific brand or online retailer, the expression “once bitten, twice shy” springs to mind. They simply won’t return.

When it comes to spending our hard earned cash consumers want to know that they’re getting what they paid for without the frustration and stress of something going wrong.

The good news is that most common eCommerce fails, such as poor address verification or late deliveries, are avoidable. Retailers who take a proactive approach to delivering the very best experience online don’t need to be worried, but retailers employing a ‘wait and see’ approach might find that customers have jumped ship and worse, that they have no intention of coming back.

So which retail experiences are likely to leave you so frustrated you'll avoid returning to that online retail again?

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