Now you’re speaking my language

If your first language is English, expanding your business into the Anglosphere (UK, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada) can reduce some of the headache of trying to do business in another language. 

Although people in many countries speak English, you might want to think about whether you want to offer your product descriptions and other website content in the users’ local language.

According to the Harvard Business Review and The Common Sense Advisory, 72% of the world’s online shoppers are more likely to buy a product if the information is available in their own language. 
You don’t have to speak a foreign language in order to grow online in other countries. But sharing translated product information gives you a better chance of ranking in search results in the customer’s local language.  

If you can’t afford to pay for professional translation, website tools are available to access free translations from sources such as Google Translate or DeepL