Key takeaways for optimising your mobile site

The way people shop online is constantly changing, and retailers need to stay up to date with their consumers, and listen to what it is they are asking for. When designing a mobile site, think more about how visitors are interacting with your online store; what they are using it for (i.e. checking opening hours, making purchases).

By listening to the needs of your customers and reducing the obstacles for the sake of speed and accuracy, you will open the door to easier transactions. This in turn will improve reputation and build lasting relationships. A loyal customer will be your biggest advocate if you get the shopping experience right.

Remember, unhappy customers tell the world. Happy customers keep coming back. Let’s make more happy customers!

Your key takeaways


Developing a mobile app is a great way to turn first-time shoppers into loyal advocates.


Use apps to send push notifications to encourage your shoppers to purchase more and recover abandoned shopping carts.

Don’t put all your eggs in your app basket. Focus on optimising your mobile web experience.


Streamline your website and invest in a robust search tool to make it as easy to navigate as possible.


Modernise mobile payment options and digital wallets to attract millennial shoppers.


Improve the design and logic of your search functionality and you’ll really see the difference to your UX.

Use smart address verification in your mobile forms to reduce cognitive load.


Use incentives and loyalty points to encourage mobile payments.


Mobile shoppers tend to have less patience. Focus on latency, platform optimisation and load balancing to combat slow loading sites.

When you’re thinking about mobile UX, always keep the user in mind.