Key takeaways - Quick wins for a successful ecommerce site

Ensuring that your ecommerce site flows well from first visit to checkout and beyond is essential for retailers who want to stay ahead of the online game. With the right tools this is possible, and by regularly assessing your site, you will get a great idea of what works for your company and what doesn't.

Here's a recap of the type of tools we recommend for a successful ecommerce site:


Optimise the user experience and increase data quality with type-ahead address verification.


Improve search navigation to allow shoppers to go straight to what they need.

A/B test to experiment with different aspects of your site, to see what shoppers prefer.


Display product recommendations to allow for a personalised shopping experience.


Provide live chat so that consumers can communicate effectively with you at every step of the shopping experience.


Ensure you have a strong shipping and fulfilment process so that the shopper is happy long after the purchase has been made.

Request user feedback to help uncover existing issues and understand what shoppers want.