Tool 7: User feedback - Finding out what shoppers think of your site

Retailers are increasingly looking to customers for their feedback with regards to making improvements to their online stores. Without this type of insight, it can be difficult to know exactly where to start.

What is user feedback?

Honest and genuine user feedback can have great impact on conversion rate, and user experience. While most ecommerce managers are well versed in A/B testing techniques, nothing really compares to putting your users in control and actually asking them what they think of your site and products. Requesting user feedback is easy, inexpensive and extremely powerful in uncovering issues that can't be identified through traditional technical methods like web analytics, or bug reports.

There are some great user feedback tools out there that will really help optimise your conversion rates, including Usabilla. The type of tool helps you conduct micro usability tests, collect visual feedback in order to make changes to your site and take the guesswork out of understanding your visitors' needs.

How will user feedback help improve your checkout conversions?

User feedback provides invaluable insights into what your customers think of your site. You can have a great looking website and the best products on the market but if your users have a negative experience while interacting with you (even just once), chances are they won't come back. With real insights from your visitors you can make website iterations in a data-driven and customer-centric fashion. Not only does this help you to take out the guesswork and help your teams prioritise web development but shows to your customers that you take them seriously, helping to build stronger relationships with them.

The modern consumer is more than happy to share their online experiences, but very few retailers are choosing to listen. As a result, customers are heading to social media to vent their frustrations. By integrating usability tests in your daily workflow and acting on this feedback you can make improvements that will help get your customers coming back and spending more.