Tool 6: Shipping - Creating a great customer experience from order to delivery

Getting customers to the point of purchase is a huge task, but ensuring that shipping and fulfilment is a frictionless process means both you and your customers have one less thing to worry about. Giving shoppers better choice with delivery options is a must in this competitive business landscape, and ensuring that this is done in a way that you can fully control is important.

What is shipping and fulfilment software?

After tireless optimisation and software support to improve on-site conversions, getting a customer to finally complete that purchase seems like a battle well won. The truth, however, is that the online shopping experience continues straight into the real world when an online purchase becomes a physical delivery. Keeping shoppers updated on their delivery progress is essential to maintaining a positive user experience, while also improving the likelihood that they will buy from you again. Ensuring that this is done in a personalised manner is also important and allows you to develop a strong customer relationship bond.

Products from shipping companies like Temando allow you to access and connect with multiple carriers, giving ecommerce businesses the ability to curate delivery experiences that are relevant to each customer, be it same-day, expedited, standard shipping or more. In doing so, this helps merchants save on shipping, decrease operational costs and increase Average Order Value and of course, achieve higher conversion rates.

How will shipping and fulfilment help your checkout conversions?

Shipping and fulfilment tools help merchants small and large optimise the fulfilment and delivery customer experience in a consistent and scalable manner. Offering customers multiple shipping options and trackable packages is a great way of improving UX and making customers happy, which in turn can lead to an increase in conversion and retention.