Tool 3: A/B testing - Transforming your online store

When trying to make vital improvements to your conversions, it is often difficult to know where to begin. However, stepping back and considering what you are already doing is a great place to start.

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is a way of comparing the performance of two versions of the same web page. This is a great way of getting to understand different elements of the page that are working and those that aren’t. It essentially allows you to strategically test elements of your page (for example, different products featured, adding a button, changing the layout) to see what performs better.

If you think a shorter signup form would generate more conversions, create an identical landing page with less form fields. If you believe your call-to-action could be stronger, create an identical landing page with a different CTA. Experimenting with design and functionality gives a great indication of what works for your brand, what customers are looking for, and improves your chances of a higher conversion rate.

There are so many aspects of your site that can be A/B tested, such as form layout, categorisation of products, navigation options, CTA positioning (eg. above or below the fold), image size and type, and indication of payment methods, and even the smallest change could have a huge impact on your desired results.

A/B testing tools from companies like Optimizely give ecommerce businesses the possibility to learn more about their customers’ preferences and the way they shop. They enable the chance to learn more about the user experience, which, in turn, can improve conversion rate.

How will A/B testing help improve your checkout conversions?

The best way to find out where people are struggling with conversion is to target the individual elements that cause friction at the checkout and methodically test alternatives. Relying on gut instinct or just copying your competitors site is expensive and unsustainable.

Testing takes the guesswork out of website optimisation enabling you to make data-driven decisions. Every test you do will help you drill down further and understand more about your consumer base and individuals. Even if your conversion rates are high, there will always be areas of your site that can be improved. There really is no way to lose with an A/B test; instead it helps to create continuous valuable improvements to your site that could see your bounce rate reduce and your conversion rates soar.