Unwrap accurate location data this holiday season 

The holidays bring an influx of customer data that will impact your business throughout the year, but what if that surge of data is incorrect? Loqate’s data verification can help you increase revenue and retain customers, this season and beyond.

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  • Improves checkout conversion rates
  • Reduces the risk of fraud
  • Stops an influx of incorrect customer data
  • Decreases failed holiday deliveries

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Don't let incorrect or missing customer data impact your business.


of holiday shoppers are concerned about fraud when shopping online 


on average, the cost per failed delivery


lost by businesses annually due to poor data quality 

Retain your customers this season & beyond with accurate address data 

39% of consumers said they wouldn’t repurchase from a retailer if their package wasn’t delivered in time for the holidays.  

Global food platform saves millions with Loqate


incorrect addresses collected per week


per year saved with Address Capture


A leading global online food delivery marketplace was struggling with 600,000 incorrect addresses being input into their system each week, causing an increase in delivery delays or failures and costing £24m per year in the UK alone.


Using Loqate to collect verified addresses during data entry caused a significant decrease in failed deliveries. Our Single Line Type Ahead Search capability enabled customers to quickly undertake an address search within the checkout, reducing the amount of data they need to enter before finding their address and ensuring that the returned data is valid and deliverable by the courier.

Footwear brand saves customer workers' time


hours of customer service time saved per week


saved per year


A famous footwear company faced an increased number of inbound customer service queries due to failed or lost deliveries, resulting in an additional 7.5hrs of time spent handling queries each week for their customer service team.


This brand created a direct line to their customers with the help of Loqate’s Email and Phone Validation solutions. By capturing higher-quality email and phone data at the point of order, they minimised the troubleshooting steps for customer service and helped them contact and get to a resolution with the customer that much quicker. This improved efficiency in handling queries resulted in annual savings of over £30k.

eCommerce platform reduces email bounces


reduction in email bounce rates


per year saved in incremental revenue


An online furniture retailer experienced high bounce rates that negatively impacted their marketing campaign involving a £10 gift voucher giveaway. Poor email address data meant customers didn't receive their voucher, costing the company £1m per annum of incremental revenue.


The brand chose Loqate’s email validation capability to save their email lists and marketing efforts. They began with email data hygiene, identifying and removing fake or invalid email addresses and checking their list for accuracy to maintain a good sender reputation. Then real-time verification was implemented to prevent bot sign-ups and ensure only valid emails entered their systems going forward.

Mobile network reduces customer drop-off with reverse geocoding


more addresses correctly verified


ROI after implementing Loqate


A well-known mobile network wanted to enhance their existing address capture forms, which were causing significant loss in customer orders as customers were not pressing the ‘Find address’ button after manually entering their postcode in their address lookup.


The company saw an improved user experience with a 25% uplift in members entering correct addresses since choosing Loqate’s type-ahead search and reverse geocoding functionalities. In addition to more natural search functionality, they saw a further 2% reduction in online customer drop-off when using reverse geocoding to accurately identify a location nearest to a latitude and longitude coordinate, increasing location data reliability.

Optimise your data quality with these products

Address verification

The fast and frictionless way to pinpoint and capture accurate address data; reducing keystrokes by 78%.

Email validation

Check and validate email addresses in real-time to reduce invalid or incomplete account registrations and deliver effective customer communications.

Data maintenance

Verify, correct and enrich existing customer data to increase revenue and reduce costs. 

Phone validation

Capture accurate mobile and landline numbers at point of entry, or batch validate your database in order to stay connected to your customers and reduce attrition.

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