Loqate, a GBG solution

Welcome to Loqate, a GBG solution

The world's most trusted data specialist in location intelligence for businesses of all sizes and sectors.

The best data and technology 

By combining the leading technology with the richest data we give businesses worldwide the precision and reliability they need to give their customers the best possible experiences.

Making it simple for our customers

From a single, simple-to-use source, our customers can access curated and updated global knowledge and local insights to generate more business and retain more customers.

Computer award logo

Award winning 

We're really proud of the fact that our location technology has been recognised by the Technology Product Awards as Best Software-as-a-Service Provider 2018. 

We help every business in the world
reach every customer in the world.

The strength of 5, the power of 1

Loqate has recently combined the best technologies, capabilities, data and customer services of five brands into one global solution.

We're bringing together:

Everything Location

the simplicity of Everything Location


the energy of Addressy

GBG Loqate

the high quality data of GBG Loqate

PCA Predict

the technological expertise of PCA Predict

GBG Matchcode 360

and the experience of Matchcode 360


To become the world's most trusted location intelligence specialist.


keystrokes saved with our type-ahead address verification engine

25 billion

requests every year


global API for 130 different address formats, 3,000+ languages, 245 countries and territories

70 million

times our technology is used every day

Over 13,000

satisfied customers worldwide

The best people

To be the world's foremost data specialist in location intelligence, we're a team of energetic, focused and imaginative specialists.

The best experience

Our way of working is collaborative and agile. We believe open communication fuels innovation, so we work without walls.

The best technology

Because innovation is at the heart of everything we do, we never stop searching for the best technologies and capabilities. We give our customers the leading location intelligence solution so they can give their customers exceptional experiences.


GBG brings together data relating to the identities of nearly 4.5 billion people. This 'identity data intelligence' helps organisations make good decisions about people - when capturing and managing personal data, managing risk, fighting fraud, and considering whether or not someone is suitable for employment. Our award-winning solutions have application globally and we deliver them via customisable SaaS, mobile and on-premise platforms to 15,000+ organisations in more than 70 countries.

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