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Bank Account Verification Service by Loqate

Save money

Bank details validated at the point of entry saves admin costs and avoids bank charges incurred by re-processing failed payments.

Bank Account Verification Service for Customer Service

Improve customer service

Eliminate failed direct debit payments and avoid delays and disruptions in the service you provide to your customers.

Bank Account Verification Software to improve efficiencies

Avoid payroll mistakes

Validate employee details, avoid delays in salary payments and keep your employees happy.

Loqate Bank Account Verification Service

Instant results

Enter 6-digit sort codes and 8-digit bank account numbers and get instant notification that details are correct, and that the account is direct debit capable, and CHAPs supported.

Loqate Bank Account Verification Software

Auto-completion of bank details

Instantly returns the Bank Identifier Code (BIC), branch title, address for BACS processing enquiries and telephone number from the sort code entered.

Bank Account Verification by Loqate

IBAN checks for most European countries

Checks the country code, verifies the correct number of characters are present, looks for the correct BBAN country format and checks for substitution, transposition and shift errors.

Bank Account Verification - Validate Sort Codes

Regular updates

The waiting period for allocation of customer accounts to newly registered sort codes is just six weeks. Seamless data updates ensure you will always recognise new sort codes.

Try it yourself

Simply enter a sort code and an account number in the boxes provided and click "validate" to perform the validation.

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Loqate delivers a fast, accurate bank data verification service.

Jayne Pall – Project Analyst, arvato


Bank Validation is essential for...

Sort codes and account numbers checked and verified

Validate payment details simply and quickly. Our sort code checker can work with both online and over the phone transactions. This is ideal for magazine subscriptions, charity donations or entertainment memberships. Banks recommend that organisations verify customer details when using Paperless Direct Debit.

Employee payments, check IBAN with ease

Check bank details or use our IBAN checker to confirm the details of new staff members when they join or update their account information. Ideal for large organisations where chasing salary payment issues is time-consuming.

Sort Code Checker

Ensuring sort codes are entered correctly is important to avoid payment errors and disruption to services. From payroll to online transactions, having reliable point-of-entry data will help deliver a smooth and efficient experience for your business and customers. Look-up all the information you need in real-time.
Our leading sort code checker uses the very best data to validate and verify bank sort codes. 

IBAN Checker

Our IBAN (International Bank Account Number) checker helps provide instant verification and validation for country codes, BBAN country format and any errors in the data. This helps combat failed payments and costly administrative tasks. Our data offers all the relevant IBAN checks in real-time to deliver accurate payments every time. 

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