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Reduce dirty data cost with a data cleanse project


Calculate the cost of dirty data


The cost of dirty data

From failed deliveries to wasted marketing and onboarding efforts, dirty data is bad for your bottom line.


lost by businesses annually due to poor data quality


spent every year by retailers due to data-related failed deliveries cost


of consumers have stopped buying from a company due to data concerns


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How much inaccurate data is costing your business? 

Data typically decays up to 20% every year. If your database is just a few years old, the majority of your data is likely to be outdated. As a result, you are wasting time and money on bad data. 

Find out how many inaccurate contacts are in your database, using the calculator below.


In the last year
1-2 years ago
Over 2 years ago


This calculator is based on our insights from over 19,000 customers as well as a range of data metrics from sources such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Statistics NZ.

Bulk address validation
Bulk address validation

Get consistent and accurate data you can rely on so you can deliver to the right location, make better business decisions, meet KYC obligation, and much more. 

Bulk email validation
Bulk email validation

Make sure you have accurate, validated email data so you can stay connected to your active customers or re-engage your lapsed ones. 

Business Batch Validation
Business Batch Validation

Verify if the business is active and legitimate, by checking against authoritative data sources from the Australian and New Zealand business register to validate business name, ACN, ABN, tax status and much more. 

Bulk phone validation
Bulk phone validation

Ensure you can reach your customers with connected, accurate phone numbers.   


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eCommerce platform* saved $1.3M per year.


reduction in email bounce rates


per year saved in incremental revenue


An online furniture retailer experienced high bounce rates that negatively impacted their marketing campaign involving a $11 gift voucher giveaway. Poor email address data meant customers didn't receive their voucher, costing the company $1.3m per annum of incremental revenue.


The brand chose Loqate’s email validation capability to save their email lists and marketing efforts. They began with email data hygiene, identifying and removing fake or invalid email addresses and checking their list for accuracy to maintain a good sender reputation. Then real-time verification was implemented to prevent bot sign-ups and ensure only valid emails entered their systems going forward.

*US based Loqate customer

Trusted by the worlds best brands

More than 50 million transactions a day by over 18,000 customers around the world

Features Loqate
Bulk Address Cleanse
Bulk Email Cleanse
Bulk Phone Cleanse
Bulk Business Cleanse
Australia using AUPAF (Postal) and AUGNAF (Physical)
New Zealand using NZPAF (Postal)
NZAD (Physical) and National Map CNAR (Physical)
Australian Business Registry
New Zealand Business Registry
Secure SFTP connection 

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