Solutions for Insurance

Australia’s leading insurers use Loqate to deliver accurate location addresses for real-time calculation of insurance premiums through portals, call-centres or intermediaries. The asset location is used to assess exposure to hazard risks such as flood, fire and storm.

Loqate provides the correct address and spatial location at the point of entry.  The entire process enables premiums to be provided to the customer in fractions of a second.

Reliable and cost effective
Reliable and cost effective

We work with insurance companies to provide a reliable, cost effective solution for address lookups, both on internal systems and on ecommerce sites.

Increase productivity
Increase productivity

Ideal for high volume customer touch points such as application forms, registration, on-boarding solutions, real time mortgage and insurance quotations and others.

Reduce marketing spend
Reduce marketing spend

With quality data, you’ll improve marketing hit-rate by only sending communications to addresses that exist and are correctly verified.

Address cleanse

Accurate data is essential to producing a single customer view (SCV) and informing business intelligence (BI) reports necessary for deriving valuable insights. Using Loqate’s Address Cleanse services, we can help you cleanse your data so that you can make key business decisions and deliver meaningful customer interactions.

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