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The best possible data quality

Get accurate address data at the point of entry, reducing the need to clean it once it’s in your database.

Reduce costs

Address validation increases efficiency by avoiding poor data quality and the cost of missed deliveries.

Improve user experience

Improve website usability and reduce cart or form abandonment rates by providing a quicker way to enter address details.

Address Validation features

Our address validation service not only checks for addresses it also pre-fills the address field as the customer is typing. This improves accuracy of your data and reduces the onboarding time. Address validation is also backed by global data coverage and our team of local experts.

Real-time address searching

Real-time address search

As soon as a business name, street or postcode is typed, suggestions to auto-complete the address are immediately provided.

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Instantly international

A single, simple-to-use solution for searching and verifying addresses from over 245 countries and territories. No separate licensing or contracts required. Easily toggle to suit your business needs.

Improve data quality

Your customers can search and instantly validate their address in your online checkout, improving user experience, reducing cart abandonment rates and ensuring accurate delivery details.

Accurate global data

Our expertise in international address validation ensures accurate customer data at every point, from capture in your web and ePOS forms to cleansing and verifying address data in CRM and Master Data Management systems.

Increased conversions

Our technology has helped thousands of our customers to improve website usability and reduce cart or form abandonment rates by providing a quicker way to enter address details.

Easy integration with global capabilities

Our address validation solution will capture, parse, standardise, verify, cleanse and format address data for over 245 countries and territories, all via a single, easy to integrate API.

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Ralph Lauren
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Looking for one solution?

Capture any international address + verify and enhance address data in the most comprehensive real-time address validation solution on the market. 

Fast and easy integrations

We provide an ever-increasing range of pre-built integrations for popular ecommerce platforms so you can plug in and verify addresses on your website in minutes.

Our Address Validation platform

We are trusted by our customers and partners to deliver a robust and global service.

Address Validation APIs

Our services can be accessed securely via POST or GET requests over HTTPS, returning data in an easy-to-use JSON format.

Simple, straightforward pricing

From simple pay-as-you-go plans to licence solutions for enterprise, we have prices to suit businesses of all sizes. 

Global Data Coverage

Across the more than 245 continuously changing countries and territories, multiple languages, 139 character scripts and more than 130 different address formats are used. Address validation from Loqate solves it all for you.

Address Validation and Lookup Service from Loqate

Best-in-class data quality

Loqate verifies addresses by combining its proprietary technology with the best available datasets. Our global data is built by aggregating multiple reference data sources into a consistent and reliable single-best-record, resulting in the most complete and accurate addresses.

To provide global coverage, Loqate curates official postal authority, mapping, geospatial data sources and other relevant datasets for the pertinent locality.

This data is what sits behind our address validation and lookup tool, designed to help your business grow. Lookup any address and benefit from real-time data capture and data cleansing.

Batch Verify Postal Addresses with a Reliable Validation API 

Loqate helps you verify, validate and standardise addresses for better customer and staff experience. Benefit from quality data that you can leverage in your business. Verifying an address has never been easier with our real-time data entry API that enables you to utilise trusted data sources for managing critical business information.

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