Address Validation

Real-time Address Validation & Lookup

Type ahead address validation powered by address data drawn from the most trusted and verified local and global address data sources available.


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  • Ecommerce
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  • Insurance

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Instant. Authoritative. Accurate.

Zone in on  worldwide location and display a result within just three keystrokes, in as quickly as 50 milliseconds. Never worry about the accuracy of a location again.

  • Reduce failed deliveries
  • Eliminates human errors
  • Easier customer experience, with address data entry reduced by 78%

The most curated location data in the world

We combine global datasets with local expertise and market leading technology to curate unparalleled world class location data. We make data make sense.

  • 250 countries and territories
  • 180 postal formats
  • Enriched location data


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Golden customer record

Capturing a clean correct address is the first step in gathering accurate location data. Ensuring you are empowering customers to find the right location improves downstream operations.

  • Clean & accurate location data
  • Reach your customers & reduce churn rate
  • Enrich & standardise your data

Build the most accurate address data with Address Lookup

Instantly international
Instantly international

With address verification across 250 countries and territories, 6,500 languages and 8 global character sets, you only need one checkout form for customers, wherever they are in the world. 

Data that’s best in class
Data that’s best in class

We’re the only location data specialist to curate our data, meaning we combine global data sets with local expertise and market leading technology to give the most comprehensive selection of data available. 

Easy as 1, 2, 3
Easy as 1, 2, 3

Our single-line type ahead search uses location biasing to return the address closest to the customer based on their physical location, within just three keystrokes.

Your needs, your rules
Your needs, your rules

Ringfence geographical areas to capture only the information that serves you best, reducing the risk of operational problems further down the line.

A platform that won’t let you down
A platform that won’t let you down

We’re constantly improving our tech, and our reliable platform means you don’t need to worry about scalability, security or outages, even during peak times.

Auto-corrects mistakes
Auto-corrects mistakes

Unique ‘fuzzy matching’ technology automatically amends customer mistakes like typos, missing letters or spelling errors, so even if the entry isn’t perfect, the results will be.


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New Feature: Parcel Locker Plus

Did you know? 73% of consumers prefer knowing their parcel collection options before making a purchase.

Your customers can choose from 5,200+  collection points Australia wide, including  Parcel Lockers, Post Offices locations and retail partner locations.​

"The Loqate address validation system has been instrumental in improving our ecommerce conversion rates, reducing cart abandonment rates and significantly reducing incorrect address entry by our customers."
Mohamad HannawayManager (Web & Customer Relations)
A&H Frameshop Pty Ltd
"Loqate is a trusted partner to IBM, we do a lot of business together on behalf of our joint clients. Loqate delivers trusted technology, good support and I would recommend them."
Dan SchallenkampOffering Manager, IBM Corporation
"At BT we live by our values - simple, personal and brilliant - Loqate embodies all three. It's a perfect partnership."
Dave WigginsProduct & Service Manager
"Integrating our WooCommerce ecommerce platform with Loqate’s address validation service has significantly reduced the number of failed order deliveries, with a substantial saving in shipping costs each month and a better customer experience overall."
Luke HopkinsCo-founder and CTO
The Protein Bread Co.
"We know that address validation has helped improve the customer journey, which has had a positive impact on conversion"
Laura MuirheadBrand Manager
Nescafe Dolce Gusto at Nestle
"Loqate’s address validation service was easy to integrate into our customers’ ecommerce website checkouts. It provides our customers’ with a slim-line checkout which improves conversion rates and grows revenue."
Andrew MaverCo Founder & Director
NOW Solutions
"Using Loqate has helped us to reduce failed deliveries and improve the customer journey significantly."
Mike WarwickHead of Online Marketing
Joseph Joseph

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const url = "|52509479";
fetch(url, {
    method: 'POST',
    headers: {
        'Content-type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'
.then(response => response.json())
.then(data => {
    if (data.Items && data.Items.length > 0 && typeof(data.Items[0].Error) === "undefined") {
        // Your address results e.g. console.log(data.Items[0].Line1);
.catch(error => console.error('Error fetching data:', error));