Global Reach

How Loqate helps you reach the world

Expand into new markets with superior global address data.

Global reach challenges can include

Multiple languages and character scripts
Multiple languages and character scripts

Across 250 countries and territories, there are approximately 6,500 spoken languages and 139 character scripts.

Diverse address systems
Diverse address systems

Different countries have different conventions for address formats which can increase the propensity for errors.

Deliveries not reaching their intended destination
Deliveries not reaching their intended destination

Failed deliveries is the ultimate customer frustration, and also results in unnecessary financial loss.

Compliance fines
Compliance fines

The cleaner your data, the less likely you are to be fined for not complying with legislations such as Anti-Money Laundering and the Data Protection Act.

Go instantly international

Our single, simple-to-use solution helps you reach a global customer base quickly and easily with software that captures, parses, standardises, verifies, cleanses and formats address data for 250 countries and territories. It accounts for nuances, regardless of:

  • Language
  • Character set
  • How the address is entered

Go further with Loqate

Accuracy across your database

Pin-point precision for every customer record you hold in the world.

A global omnichannel solution

Our solutions can be implemented across your global websites, store network and app.

Spot-on deliveries

See that orders arrive first time, every time, reducing failed deliveries and returns.

Build customer trust

Hassle-free address lookup enhances confidence in your brand, and increases conversion.

"The Loqate address validation system has been instrumental in improving our ecommerce conversion rates, reducing cart abandonment rates and significantly reducing incorrect address entry by our customers."
Mohamad HannawayManager (Web & Customer Relations)
A&H Frameshop Pty Ltd
"Loqate is a trusted partner to IBM, we do a lot of business together on behalf of our joint clients. Loqate delivers trusted technology, good support and I would recommend them."
Dan SchallenkampOffering Manager, IBM Corporation
"At BT we live by our values - simple, personal and brilliant - Loqate embodies all three. It's a perfect partnership."
Dave WigginsProduct & Service Manager
"Integrating our WooCommerce ecommerce platform with Loqate’s address validation service has significantly reduced the number of failed order deliveries, with a substantial saving in shipping costs each month and a better customer experience overall."
Luke HopkinsCo-founder and CTO
The Protein Bread Co.
"We know that address validation has helped improve the customer journey, which has had a positive impact on conversion"
Laura MuirheadBrand Manager
Nescafe Dolce Gusto at Nestle
"Loqate’s address validation service was easy to integrate into our customers’ ecommerce website checkouts. It provides our customers’ with a slim-line checkout which improves conversion rates and grows revenue."
Andrew MaverCo Founder & Director
NOW Solutions
"Using Loqate has helped us to reduce failed deliveries and improve the customer journey significantly."
Mike WarwickHead of Online Marketing
Joseph Joseph

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Data Quality
Data Quality

Enrich, cleanse and maintain data for greater accuracy and detail, helping you to improve efficiencies and build lasting customer relationships.


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Learn how Loqate’s products can ensure accuracy and reduce friction at point of entry. Happy customers, higher conversion rates.


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See how we harness the world’s best location data to ensure deliveries reach customers on time, every time, making failed deliveries a thing of the past.


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