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Automating your Australian Company Number search is a game-changer

How much time is your team wasting on manual company searches? This article reveals the benefits of automating your Australian Company Number searches. 


Business validation is an essential process for compliance. Before you start working with businesses, you need to run an Australian Company Number (ACN) search or look up their name and Australian Business Number (ABN) to find out whether they are legitimate, active businesses.  


Doing this manually can take substantial resources, especially when checking hundreds or thousands of businesses to clean up your database.  


Enter automated business validation tools – the game-changer that promises to transform how you search for company details, validate business customers, and keep your customer databases up to date.  


How to find ACN numbers 


Business validation requires you to check the details provided by your business customers against accurate and up-to-date business information, including the business's legal name, ACN, ABN, tax status, director or owner information, and more.  


However, when you want to perform checks in real-time at scale or during an online checkout process, manual checks are no longer feasible.  


Automated ACN search tools provide a smart solution.  


Benefits of automating your Australian Company Number search 


Automated business search tools focus on more than just how to find ABN numbers, ACN numbers, or business names. They can streamline the process of gathering and validating information about businesses, reducing the need for manual data entry and significantly reducing the time and effort required for company searches.  


Rather than manually looking up company details on external search tools, business validation tools let you integrate ABN and ACN lookup into your applications to automate your company searches against the most up-to-date and reliable business registers.  


For example, Loqate Business Validation verifies business information against authoritative data sources from the Australian and New Zealand business register to validate the business name, ACN, ABN, whether the business is active, and more.  


Here are some of the benefits of automated business validation tools: 


1. Clean up your customer databases effortlessly 


Business Validation lets you run batch business searches to effortlessly cleanse your business data by checking business details are correct and up-to-date according to the Australian and New Zealand Business Registers. It also validates companies to ensure you're still working with active, legitimate businesses, helping you stay compliant.  


2. Speed up processing 


Manually searching each ABN and ACN can waste hours of valuable resources, especially if you have an extensive customer database to check.  


The Business Validation tool validates company details in real time — removing the risk and cost it takes to search for an Australian Company Number manually.   


3. Streamline onboarding 


You can integrate Loqate's Business Validation into your account registration and checkout processes to search for the business name, ABN or ACN, as business customers are onboarding.  


4. Streamline the process and reduce errors 


Some automated tools, like ABN Lookup, focus solely on providing an Australian Company Number search function, while others include features to simplify the whole business validation process.  


For example, Loqate Business Validation is unique because it has an auto-complete feature that prefills business information, such as the company name, company number, tax status, and more, as you type. This saves processing time and reduces data entry errors that might cause issues down the track.  


Say goodbye to manual business checks 


Are manual Australian Company Number searches becoming a burden for your team? It's time to automate. Loqate Business Validation helps you streamline your business verification and clean up your customer database without the hassle of searching every individual ABN and ACN.     

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