The Importance Of Phone And Email Validation

Like so many types of customer data, it’s about accuracy – knowing that the phone number or email address you’re contacting is registered and active. When you’re onboarding a customer and the person enters their name and phone number, for example, it’s possible to immediately perform a real-time check and see if their details are correct. If there are any inconsistencies, it’s a simple matter to ask them to repeat it, or enter a different one.

The need for accurate email and phone data

There are essentially three key benefits to phone and email validation. As mentioned, ensuring accuracy when information is captured, and the ability to check that upfront during a customer interaction can save a large amount of time and effort down the line.

Ensuring accuracy when information is captured can save a large amount of time and effort down the line.

The remaining two benefits are related to marketing, making the running of campaigns – and analysis after the fact – much more effective. Many marketers will likely agree that a phone or email campaign is a numbers game, so being assured of the validity of your contacts will lead to much greater response.

For example, should an organisation be running a campaign from a purchased prospect list, knowing that the phone numbers are valid before sending them to the call centre is much more efficient. Any numbers that are inactive can be stripped from the call list ahead of time, meaning operators will only be spending time on genuine prospects.

At the other end of a campaign, conducting return on investment (ROI) analysis is much easier if you know your targets are active. A much clearer idea of the ratio of response is possible when you have accurate details about how many active email addresses received your materials, rather than just making an estimate.


Email and phone validation with Loqate

All of our customer data comes from reliable sources, and Loqate has compiled its own blacklist of email addresses from multiple outlets – those of users or organisations that have transgressed ISP rules – adding an extra layer of security for our clients. By adding accurate email and phone information to our excellent address validation, your organisation can move one step closer to complete data management.