Data Degradation Calculator

How much is inaccurate data costing your business?

Data typically decays up to 20% every year, meaning that if your database is just a few years old, the majority of your data is likely to be outdated. As a result, you are wasting time and money on bad data.

Find out how many contacts you're missing out on using the calculator below.

Data Degradation Calculator

How many contacts are you turning your back on due to dirty data?

This calculator is based on our insights from over 19,000 customers as well as a range of data metrics from sources such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Stats NZ.


In the last year
1-2 years ago
Over 2 years ago


How can Bulk Data Services from Loqate help you reach a bigger audience?

Clean data


Improve the effectiveness of your direct marketing and stay KYC compliant.

Customer Service


Reduce wastage by identifying deceased or inactive phone and email data.



Identify and match duplicate records to merge contacts or fill information gaps. 

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