Inclusivity statement

We’re all about easy to use, user-friendly and professional solutions that cater to you and your needs – for all our products, but also for the way we express ourselves through our website and other types of communication. We value inclusivity and an inclusive language, as we strongly believe in respectful communication recognising each individual. 

When it comes to our communication, we use a generic masculine or gender-neutral approach (whenever possible), rather than distinguishing between masculine, feminine and nonbinary at all times for the many regions and languages Loqate operates in. In other words, we want to make sure our content speaks to each one of our valued customers, while keeping things simple and fair utilizing the most common version for each language.

Please note: While this does not necessarily apply to the English language, where nouns, for instance, mostly do not encode grammatical gender (there is no differentiation between male and female customers, it’s just “the customers”), in other languages, like German, Italian, Spanish or Dutch, there is a clear separation (meaning nouns are either masculine or feminine with corresponding gendered pronouns).