Loqate, a GBG solution

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50% off on set up fees and prepaid transactions for first year*

As all transactions are counted with a 50% discount, this will significantly reduce your operational costs and let you process two times more addresses at the same costs.

Offer ends 31 March 2023

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Solving the problem of bad address data, one complete solution to...

...capture any global address

Address Validation

The easiest way for a person to enter a location through single-line address capture on any device or platform. Faster, accurate completion of digital journeys with type-ahead, predictive technology.

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...verify and enhance address data

Address Cleanse

The most effective way to update and enhance address data, enabling you to achieve the highest levels of quality and accuracy.

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See what Loqate can do for you

Improve conversion rates

Capture and verify customer address data easily and accurately. Improve conversion and completion rates with the most accurate global data available.

Reduce failed deliveries

Validating addresses up-front can save businesses wasted costs in failed delivery attempts and chargebacks. Loqate customers have reduced failed delivery rates by up to 70%.

Improve address data quality

The address cleanse service can keep your address data accurate and up to date. It can certify your mail addresses for bulk mail discounts.

Business validation

Validate your business customers with one simple API that gives you access to a range of business information to ensure your business customer data is accurate.

Phone validation

Capture the right phone number, mobile or landline at the point of entry, or batch validate phone numbers in your current database, cleaning your phone numbers.

Email validation

Increase email delivery rates, improve your sender reputation and advance customer communications when you verify email addresses upfront.

Over 19,000 customers globally...

Australian Taxation Office
Bank of Sydney
Maggie Beer

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50% off on set up fees and prepaid transactions for first year*

*For new Loqate customers who sign up by 31 Mar 2023. This offer is valid for prepaid transactions and set up fees on first year regardless of term. All products within the Loqate platform are eligible for this offer i.e. address validation, phone validation, email validation, geocode and business validation.