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Why Embed Loqate?

Embed Loqate's complete addressing solution and generate revenue from Loqate license fees.

Sales leads

Loqate sales materials

Co-branded whitepapers

Free development licenses

Free technical integration support

Partner benefits

Loqate partners enjoy many benefits from sales support through to on-boarding, technical support and training as highlighted below.

Sales and Marketing Benefits

  • Evaluation licenses
  • Sales leads
  • Sales teaming and alignment
  • Loqate sales materials & tools
  • Loqate marketing tools & campaigns
  • Joint marketing planning
  • Co-branded whitepapers/solution briefs/success stories
  • Joint press release support
  • Partner badge
  • Loqate logo usage
  • Partner directory listing
  • Product listing on loqate.com
  • Partner recognition and awards

Enablement Benefits

  • Free online sales training
  • Free online technical training
  • Free development licenses
  • Product technical integration support
  • Customer joint solution support
  • Access to APIs, toolkits

Loqate Partner Program guide

Loqate enables its partners to deliver the best product to market, increase customer satisfaction and grow revenue by fully utilizing its market leading location data solutions.

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