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Understand the Health of your Data

The Address Data Health Check is an easy and free service that performs a quality assessment on your address data as part of your pre-purchase evaluation. The report provides insights into the quality of the addresses you submitted for assessment and the immediate value Loqate’s Global Address Verification will deliver. A sample size of up to 10K records will produce a statistically representative report of all your address data.

Key benefits

Data quality

Understand the overall quality of your address data and ROI we can deliver

Data enrichment

Quantify how many addresses will be verified, corrected & enhanced

Identify bad data

Understand how much erroneous address data you have

The report will analyze your data and provide results into three output categories:


Percent of records that can be verified as accurate and valid addresses

Correctable & Enhanceable

Percent of records with errors or missing elements that can be fixed

Erroneous or Not Found

Percent of records that cannot be verified, corrected or enhanced

Easy, Fast and Secure


  1. Fill out web form
  2. Our team will be in touch with an SFTP link
  3. Upload data
  4. Receive report within 72 hrs