A seamless checkout experience, hassle-free delivery, and accurate customer data is a prerequisite for eCommerce success. Loqate helps eCommerce businesses deliver a better checkout experience with its award-winning, type-ahead address verification technology that also reduces failed deliveries, cart abandonment, and errors in internal customer data.

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Loqate simply works and works well. It was straightforward to implement and has improved customer address data and ultimately reduced mail delivery failure.
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Loqate helps retailers improve business operations by providing technology  and address datasets that work alongside existing internal systems to improve data quality, and deliver seamless omni-channel customer experiences whether in-store or online.

Successful courier deliveries have gone up, and cart abandonment has gone down
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Loqate helps eService businesses drive more engaging digital experiences. Ticketing, fitness, dating, and food delivery eServices will benefit from global verified data, and user-friendly verification tools with a reduction in failed communications, improvements to the quality of internal databases, and a better user experience on checkout and registration pages.

Fintech & Finance

Loqate helps Financial Services firms provide trustworthy service and premium online experiences to customers around the globe. Banks, payment platforms, and lenders rely on Loqate’s best-in-class address data and technology to support compliance requirements, fraud solutions, and customer data management.

The time and money we wasted before Loqate was significant. The service was really easy to deploy...we’ve never looked back.

Bill Doane, Project Manager

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Transportation & Logistics

Verified and Geocode enhanced location data reduces the cost of delayed shipments, and enables transportation and logistics firms to optimize route planning by appending rooftop level longitude and latitude data for pin-point and premise-level accuracy. Type-ahead address lookup enables users to quickly input a verified location so they spend less time on address forms and more time focused on the job at hand. 

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Whole picture patient care is powered by accurate and robust customer data. Our unique verification solutions ensure our healthcare customers have access to the highest quality data to provide a reliable and trusted service.

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