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Data Cleansing Contact Validation by Loqate

Contact Validation & Deduplication

Get consistent and accurate address, email and phone data and identify duplicate records in your customer database. 

Data Cleansing NCAO by Loqate

Change of Address / NCOA Processing

Reliably suppress customers and find forward addresses when your contacts move with our data cleansing software.

Data Cleansing Deceased & preference Screening by Loqate

Deceased & Preference Screening

Remove deceased individuals and anyone who’s registered with preference services from your database.

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Why is Data Cleansing important?

Research shows that on average consumer data degrades by around 15-20% and business data by 30-40% every year. In this short video, we explore the importance of data quality and the simple, yet effective, steps you can take to improve the quality of data entering, and already in, your internal databases. 

Engaging with your customers and gaining their trust is the key to a long and profitable relationship. Targeted, relevant multi-channel communications based on individual’s identities, their likes, dislikes and preferred contact method help gain customers' trust. We can help you create world-class interactions that foster long and profitable relationships with your customers.

Use our fully managed service or choose individual solutions to complement and support your in-house activity. Work with us and we’ll tailor-make an individual data cleansing solution that’s robust, reliable, and most importantly, compliant.

Lego’s Experience

Learn how Lego worked with Loqate to improve their data quality.


Data Cleansing and Data Cleaning | Loqate

data cleansing service

By using Loqate we can verify any incorrect data and have one golden record for each customer. It saves us from creating inaccurate contacts, helps reduce duplicates in the system, and just helps us keep a cleaner picture of the world and our customers.


Loqate's technology ensures addresses are accurate before goods are dispatched through our warehouse and distribution facility.


Loqate delivers trusted technology, good support and I would recommend them.


Loqate's solution offered unrivalled performance metrics.

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