Data Quality

How Loqate can enhance the quality of your data

Enrich, cleanse and maintain data for greater accuracy and detail, helping you to improve efficiencies and build lasting customer relationships.

Loqate can assess, cleanse and maintain your data to keep it in tip-top condition, meaning better efficiencies and better customer relationships.

Bad data quality challenges can include

Lost productivity
Lost productivity

When poor data is collected, confirming its accuracy becomes a manual process that wastes time, effort and money.

Failed customer communication
Failed customer communication

Poor quality data can result in emails and phone calls not getting through first time, or indeed, at all.

Wasted marketing spend
Wasted marketing spend

The poorer your data quality, the less chance you have of reaching your customers, meaning marketing spend goes to waste.

Compliance fines
Compliance fines

The cleaner your data, the less likely you are to be fined for not complying with legislations such as Anti-Money Laundering and the Data Protection Act.

Boost data quality with Loqate

Our large-scale data cleanse service will identify and update information that’s incomplete, incorrect, improperly formatted, duplicated or irrelevant, while our monthly maintenance will keep data clean and up to date. It’s ideal for all sectors but especially those that need to:

  • Guard against fraud
  • Perform credit checks
  • Meet industry regulations


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See the benefits of clean data

Improve customer communication

With data that’s clean and accurate, you can get in touch with customers more quickly.

Remove guesswork

When data is accurate, business decisions are based on fact, not a finger in the air.

Reduce marketing expenditure

Clean data means SMS and mailings reach only the right customers in the right place.

Reduce fraudulent action

With regularly updated datasets, you can be sure customers are who they say they are.

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