Loqate, a GBG solution
Mappable Data

Precise data visualization

Visualize data by identifying store networks, warehouse locations, events with target precision.

Reverse Geocoding

Reverse Geocoding

Identify locations nearest to a latitude and longitude coordinate to expand the potential of location based services.

Global Coverage

Global Coverage

Add geocodes to premise-level locations in 120 countries, with point-level (rooftop) geocoding in 60 countries.

Geocode with Data Visualization

Our Geocode solution appends digital latitude and longitude data to addresses, augmenting location datasets with the most accurate and up-to-date geospatial information. Visualize data by identifying store networks, warehouse locations, events, and much more with targeted precision.

Reverse Geocode

Loqate’s Reverse Geocode solution identifies a location nearest to a latitude and longitude coordinate, increasing location data reliability. Even when addresses are unavailable, our Reverse Geocoding feature provides corresponding addresses for geolocation queries.

Geocoding Software for optimized deliveries

Optimize delivery

Leverage geocode data to accurately calculate optimal shipping and delivery points. 

Geocode & Reverse Geocode Address Software | Loqate

Real world risks

Determine the geospatial coordinates of a specific location or identify addresses nearest to a latitude and longitude coordinate, enhancing the precision and value to any risk assessment process.

Geocode & Reverse Geocoding Address Software | Loqate

Multiple and accurate locations for pick up and drop off

To connect customers with pinpoint accuracy, every time, append rooftop level longitude and latitude data to your application. 

Geocode & Reverse Geocoding Address Software | Loqate

International coverage

Adds geocodes to premise-level in 120 countries worldwide, including point-level (rooftop) geocoding in 60 countries and city center positions for over 245 countries including the US, Canada, UK and most of Europe. 

Try Reverse Geolocation for yourself

Simply enter any US location or Zipcode in the box provided and click "Find" to perform the search.

Enter up to 5 locations or postcodes, per IP address per day, to see Loqate's geocode solution in action.

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Accurately Measuring the Distance Between Zip Codes

Geocoding and reverse geocoding help you accurately measure the distance between zip codes. Our software allows you to calculate exact distances to help give you the reliable data you need. Turn a zip code into tangible longitude and latitude coordinates on a global scale. Getting actionable coordinates from an address or zip code has never been easier with our software. Our geocoding API is easy to use and provides you with the precise and accurate data your business needs, from calculating expenses, to optimising routes and locations. 

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