How does our address verification tool work?

This short video explains how the address verification tool by Loqate can make it easier for your customers or staff to enter an address in your websites or internal systems, improve data quality and increase conversions.

The best quality data

We are the data verification experts. Our address verification technology uses up-to-date data from the U.S Postal Service (USPS) to ensure accurate customer data at every point, from capture in your web forms and ePOS systems to cleansing and verifying existing address data in your internal databases.

Improved business operations

Data verification from Loqate ensures successful services and deliveries, improves the quality of sales and marketing efforts and provides robust and accurate data for regulatory purposes.

Improved user experience

Our verification technology is the best on the market in helping to improve user experience and helps reduce cart and form abandonment rates by providing a quicker way to enter address details.

Easy integration with global capabilities

Our data verification solution will capture, parse, standardize, verify, cleanse and format addresses for over 245 countries and territories, all via a single, easy to integrate API.

Reduced key strokes

Loqate is proven to reduce address entry time by up to 78% and cut back data entry errors at point of capture by more than 20%, all improving UX.

Flexible deployment options

We offer deployment options to suit you - on-premise, via the cloud or even private cloud. And we're experienced in working with companies who have a small online presence, right up to enterprise level businesses who have a presence on every continent.

What verification solution is right for your business?

Address Capture

Address Capture

Real-time address verification

Your customers want a user friendly experience when entering their address in your online forms, and at the same time you need quality data. Address capture from Loqate offers both. Accurate and complete data captured upfront and an improved customer experience with real-time search technology.

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Address Cleanse

Address Cleanse

Back office address verification

You aim to bolster your product and ensure your existing data is fit for purpose. Back office address verification from Loqate resolves data and alignment errors, standardises formats and enhances information to ensure your data is ready to perform.

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Trusted by over 13,000 customers worldwide

Global Data Coverage

Achieving clean international addresses is complex due to the multitude of global address formatting and alignment variations. Across the more than 245 continuously changing countries and territories, 3,000+ languages, 139 character scripts and more than 130 different address formats are used. Address verification from Loqate solves it all for you.

B = buildings; S = Streets; C = Cities; P = Postalcodes

Address Validation Tool & Address Lookup Service

Best-in-class data quality

Loqate's address verification tool combines industry leading search technology with the best available datasets. Our global data set that sits behind our address validation software is built by effectively aggregating multiple reference data sources, including USPS address data, into a consistent and reliable single-best-record, resulting in the most complete and accurate, validated addresses.  

To provide full global coverage, Loqate curates official postal authority, mapping, geospatial data sources and other relevant data sets for the pertinent locality. 

What address verification solution is right for you?

Address Capture

Address Capture

Real-time accurate address validation, capturing the right data at source

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Address Cleanse

Address Cleanse

Back office address verification, cleansing & enhancement of existing data

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