Cross-border payments

Cross-border commerce requires global address verification


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The Loqate difference

High-performance APIs for global address capture and verification that enable businesses focused on cross-border commerce to capture and verify address data globally and at scale.

Superior API

Performant API that enables deployment of applications anywhere and at a massive scale.

Address match rates

Improve address verification match rates globally and at scale by an average of 23%

Increased throughput

Enables decreased request response time by as much as 54% and increase throughput by 120%.

AI/Machine Learning parsing engine

Advanced AI/ML parsing engine for improved address match rates.


Elastic and horizontally scalable solution.

Global platform

Most comprehensive global reference data covering 249 countries and territories.

Card-not-present transactions

Loqate’s address verification product facilitates legitimate payment authorizations and helps combat fraudulent activity for card-not-present transactions by providing a truly global solution as part of cross-referencing the address provided by a cardholder to a merchant with the card issuer's records.

Regulatory compliance

As part of the Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) measures and procedures, Loqate's global address verification enables you to run real-time checks globally and at scale, to verify that your customers' provided addresses exist and are accurate.

Fraud prevention

As part of the chain of compliance checks, Loqate verifies and standardizes address data to help you improve address match rates across customers, financial institutions, and intermediaries during the Fraud Prevention and Identity Verification process.

Onboarding for payments services

When onboarding new users and customers to your product or service, Loqate’s global address capture can be integrated into any single address field to remove friction and limit errors at the point of new data creation. Loqate's type-ahead autocomplete functionality will suggest a valid address to the user with each keystroke ensuring an address is entered quickly and accurately.

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