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Elevate  Your Delivery Efficiency     

Say goodbye to the costly detours and failed deliveries that can plague your business. Data validation will extract, normalise and standardise address data to ensure you meet all your delivery promises, first-time, to your customers and your customers’ customers.

We understand that global commerce knows no bounds. That's why Loqate’s solutions fine-tune location data quality through address verification, AI parsing and data curation. 

With our global reach, you can make well-informed decisions and have your brand synonymous with reliability.

Seamlessly Navigate Cross-Border Commerce

Don't let cross-border commerce slow you down. Loqate verifies and formats address information right at the point of capture. By appending precise geocoordinates to any global location, we ensure your packages reach their destinations, even in challenging, hard-to-address markets.

Keep global and local customers satisfied with our meticulously curated data.



Enhance Accuracy. Elevate Efficiency.

Effortlessly validate addresses and generate shipping labels in precise formats. Our address verification process saves you time and money while boosting your delivery success rates.

In addition, with geocodes and UDPRNs (Unique Delivery Point Reference Numbers), your first-time delivery success is practically guaranteed.



Capitalise on AI to optimise delivery outcomes

Address verification is key to unlocking new AI tools which analyse risk and historical loss patterns. AI is enabling companies to proactively identify and address potential shipping issues through platforms which can analyse potential delivery risk and then recommend alternative delivery options to optimise delivery outcomes.

At Loqate, our AI Parser enables greater verification performance and uplift to the level of verification (AVC) in existing as well as hard-to-address markets where input data is ambiguous or abnormal. 



Loqate helps thousands of Transport & Logistics companies deliver with pinpoint precision

"We’ve reduced failed deliveries by an enormous 50 % in just six months. The positive side effect: we increased our YOY sales growth by 120 %. "
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The Loqate platform and our suite of capabilities gives our customers the unrivalled precision and reliability they need to make location data-driven decisions, deliver superior customer experiences, help prevent fraud and enable cross-border commerce – globally and at scale.

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