Advantages of incorporating Loqate 

Build trust in your location data by curating the most comprehensive data in the world, precisely formatted to local standards. Reduce friction in the checkout process by creating a seamless process and improve data quality by standardizing & verifying customer data. We give you the location precision you need, globally and at scale. 

Save with every lookup 

Find out how you can make a big impact with a tight IT budget, so you can save costs, time, effort, and customers. Improve your CX and reduce failed deliveries by reducing the amount of data customers need to enter before finding their address – and ensure the returned data is valid and deliverable by the courier. Improve your data quality through data verification and instill trust in your customers. Streamline customer onboarding by implementing Loqate’s type-ahead search and reverse geocoding functionalities.  



Easy and quick implementation 

Awarded with the fastest implementation speed by G2, we make it easy and fast to integrate the Loqate data validation with various solutions. You can be up and running in as little as 5 minutes. As a customer it is up to you how you want to incorporate Loqate. You can choose from: Tag Integrations, API, or by Platform. We provide guides on our website, and are always there to support you, if you run into any issues.  



Improved checkout experience 

Dutch retailer On That Ass is proof for how valuable Loqate is for companies looking to improve their address validation and promoting expansion to different countries. On that Ass reported that before integrating Loqate, customers spent around 1 minute 20 seconds on their checkout process. After a successful integration, customers now only spend 55 seconds in their checkout process. This leads to fewer abandoned carts, higher satisfaction and a better check-out experience for their customers.  



Excellent quality data 

Loqate is committed in providing the most accurate data for customers. We curate the most comprehensive and precise premise-level address data in the world by combining multiple data sources for each country and territory into a single best address record, stored in our Global Reference Data and used by our verification engine to capture, verify and enrich. Our data curation applies industry-leading technology, human expertise, local knowledge and cultural context to enhance the precision and relevance of our reference data. Other provider data can be much less reliable since they predominantly use autocomplete for geolocation. These aren’t necessarily mailable addresses.  



Our latest product innovation:  

Our new Store Finder helps you increase sales and optimise the click-to-brick journey for your customers. Visualise smart journeys and make it as easy as possible for customers to find your locations – wherever you are. Show your nearest store or branch without showing your competitors on the same map. Build a custom store finder according to your needs at predictable and affordable costs.  


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