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3 ways to improve your Shopware Store with Loqate

Are you currently using Shopware? Ever feel like you're not in control of the delivery process? Dive into our latest blog post to discover how integrating Loqate can elevate your online shop, cut down on costs, and enhance customer retention.

The German-based software provider Shopware was developed in 2004 as a modular online shop system. The open-source provider is the perfect introduction to the world of ecommerce. In October 2023, a study revealed that 36% of ecommerce retailers in Germany use Shopware - meaning that more than a third of German online stores use the software provider.

With Shopware, crafting your own ecommerce store doesn't require any programming know-how. Establish your shop, showcase your products, and, crucially, drive successful sales. But here's the challenge: how do you guarantee the accuracy of entered address data? Without a system for checking and verifying customer addresses, you're left without address verification, leading to frequent typos and data inaccuracies. A simple typo in the address entry could mean the ordered item never arrives or arrives significantly later than expected.

Did you ever consider that an undeliverable package comes with an average cost of 16.10€? And that's not all—there are additional expenses for redelivery, handling, or even replacement if the parcel happens to go astray. The silver lining in all this? Accurate customer data can be the key to sidestepping these unnecessary costs.

Loqate's seamless integration with Shopware ensures accurate data capture from the get-go. This empowers Shopware users to effortlessly enhance their checkout process, ultimately leading to cost savings by minimizing errors in deliveries.

The benefits  

Optimised UX

Loqate's single-line type-ahead search function allows customers to swiftly locate their address with just three keystrokes. Checkout has never been faster or simpler. Say goodbye to order cancellations, boost your order volume, and enhance customer loyalty through seamless optimization.

Reduce incorrect deliveries

The dispatch phase is the ultimate touchpoint in the customer journey and has the potential to set your brand apart—if executed with precision. 

As customers input their address during checkout, the eCommerce address validation API automatically cross-references it with official address databases. Yet, Loqate takes it a step further by dynamically completing the address field as the customer types.

Opt for Loqate's address validation to diminish incorrect deliveries, resulting in happier customers and a significant reduction in delivery mishaps.

Increase your marketing efficiency

Verify postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers and always reach the right target group. See for yourself: Rank Group saved up to £500,000 in marketing spend after implementing Loqate. 

By integrating the Loqate plugin into your shop, you can save on delivery costs, optimise your user interface and increase your conversion. It only takes a few minutes to set up. Download the plugin here - free of charge and always up to date. 

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