Data updates




5 million Spanish customer address look ups within the last 12 months.


New sub-building level data. We now have 14 million sub-building data points.


Premise level coverage increased by 87%. We now have an extra 12 million.

What opportunity does this offer you?

66.5% of Spaniards live in apartments – with our new sub-level building data you and your customers will have access to millions of apartment numbers, door and even staircase data!


Hong Kong


A new Hong Kong data set with 170% increase in premise level data coverage.


Now up to 75k building names within the data.


With support for both English and Chinese languages.


What opportunity does this offer you?

Hong Kong is the world’s eighth largest trading economy and its consumers are ones that many businesses want to serve and deliver to effectively and successfully. Hong Kong has over 9k high rise buildings with a vast majority of the population living in these high rises where the building name is needed as part of the address. Some areas have population densities of more than 400, 000 people per square kilometre!




Uplift of 5.2% premise level data and 8% sub-building level data for India.

What opportunity does this offer you?

Ecommerce spend in India is forecast to be growing by 200% in the next 8 years so a 5% improvement in identifiable premises in major urbanisations will support better deliveries of all these ecommerce orders!

How we ensure we have the best country premise level data possible

The top 45 countries have ongoing refresh cycles.

Our top 10 country data is refreshed every 6 weeks:

UK (GB, Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey), Germany, Canada, USA, Ireland and Australia.


What does this mean for you?


Improved conversion rates


Improved first-time delivery stats


Higher quality data entering your systems by capturing a correct and formatted address


Keep up with ever-changing premise and building global data


Better customer experience and satisfaction through reduction in manual address entry