Earth Day 2022: How can Loqate help reduce carbon emissions?

We’ve previously discussed the impact of failed deliveries on CO2 emissions – most notably that failed deliveries in the UK in 2020 accounted for 355,987 tonnes of CO2 – but the shoppers' demands are also important.   

What are consumers' attitudes towards eco-friendly behaviours?  

While it might be a stretch to say attitudes are changing, there is certainly a sizeable portion of the populace that takes eco-friendly matters very seriously. 32% of consumers consider whether their order uses environmentally friendly packaging, and 12% want CO2 neutral shipping. Many shoppers are going even further than this when it comes to delivery – in the UK, 44% of shoppers are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly delivery (e.g. climate or CO2 neutral), albeit this would depend on the surcharge. A further 19% would pay more for this type of delivery no matter the cost.  

The caveat to these findings is that what people say and what they do are different things. When prompted in a survey about whether they ‘consider’ environmental factors, many people are bound to say that they do; however, putting this into practice is difficult when placing principles over practicality. And with rising living costs, we can hardly blame those who opt for convenience over sustainability if the price is also a factor.  

But we still need to provide these options for consumers, as when they can, they’ll appreciate the ability to choose. Furthermore, some changes in action have already been seen. For sustainable shopping practices, UK consumers make a point to select companies with good environmental practices. 34% have chosen brands specifically because they make an effort in this regard, and 28% of shoppers have stopped using brands because they don’t do enough to mitigate their impact on the environment.   

What is Loqate doing to work towards more eco-friendly practices?  

There’s no single fix to lowering carbon emissions. But what we can do is consider the existing methodologies and approaches to see where positive change could be made.   

By supplying more accurate address data, we can help delivery companies plot shorter routes and reduce failed deliveries, thereby shortening the total distance and reducing carbon emissions. By working at scale, we can also be more efficient in our energy uses by looking at the time zones of requests as they come in.   

So, although measures such as this will only make a small difference, by adopting a reduction mindset, we become allies to change rather than blind acolytes.  

Want to learn more about how your company can cut down on its carbon footprint? Speak with one of our team members to see how we can help your boost efficiencies and lower CO2 emissions.