Eliminate Poor Data Quality in Shopify Plus with Loqate

From failed deliveries to checkout friction, cart abandonment, poor customer experience and more; poor data quality is at the core of eCommerce brand’s most costly challenges. 

Finding the balance between obtaining accurate customer data and providing a seamless checkout experience has been a struggle for many eCommerce merchants—until now.

Enter Loqate, our proprietary data curation and creation process creates a single best record for every address in the world in as few as 3 keystrokes. Our single-line type-ahead address capture tool suggests and captures an accurate address in real-time, while our verification solution parses, matches, formats, transliterates and enriches addresses. 

With Loqate, you will be able to correct, standardize, enrich, and verify delivery addresses in Shopify. No more manual corrections or failed deliveries—just seamless transactions and happy customers. 

The Loqate Shopify Plus App will:  

Streamline address capture: Our technology can zone in on any location down to the unit, apartment, or suite and display a result with just three keystrokes - reducing entry time by 80%​ and input errors by 20%. 

Improve data quality: Our proprietary address data curation and creation process creates a single best record for every address in the world. By capturing higher quality data at the point of entry, you improve downstream operations and make better decisions as you grow. 

Fuzzy matching capability: Even when your customer makes a mistake, such as a spelling mistake or typo, we will still detect the right location. 
Global coverage & transliteration: No matter where your customers are located or what language they speak, Loqate suggests and retrieves an accurate address for all 250 countries and territories in the world formatted exactly to local postal standards.  

Reduced cart abandonment: Say goodbye to lost sales opportunities. Loqate's real-time address validation removes friction at checkout and instills confidence, encouraging customers to complete their purchases and increase your sales.  

Fewer failed deliveries: Nothing ruins customer loyalty like a failed delivery. Loqate minimizes the risk by validating addresses during checkout, fostering trust and reliability. Enjoy lowering your costs and support tickets, while building customer trust and increasing repeat orders with more completed deliveries. 

Loqate is not just a solution; it's a standard. Now with Shopify Plus receive unparalleled global coverage and accuracy, ensuring that your address validation needs are met with precision. Compatible with checkout extensibility, Loqate streamlines operations, reduces costs, and enhances customer satisfaction—all in one fell swoop. 

Don't let poor data quality hold you back. Try Loqate in your Shopify Plus Store today.

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