How Schuh is using location intelligence to delight their customers

Without location data, how can you expect that package your customer is so excited about receiving to arrive at the correct address first time? And if they don’t receive this, how will you delight them?  

Location intelligence plays a huge role in improving delivery and customer experience.  

In Loqate’s latest collaboration with Internet Retailing – Exploring the value of enhanced location data – we assessed the benefits of location intelligence for delighting your customers.  

So, how exactly can retailers improve their customer experience? Well, one brand who has seen dramatic improvements with location intelligence is Schuh and this is how... 

When it comes to providing a great customer experience, Schuh knows a thing or two. According to Schuh’s head of ecommerce optimisation Stuart McMillan, getting orders to customers first time, while making UX as optimised as possible is vital to the retailer. To achieve this, location data is essential.  

In order to make their checkout experience as quick and simple as possible, Schuh uses Loqate’s type-ahead address verification tool. Using this technology, their customers are able to enter their address by typing just a few digits. According to McMillan, “This is particularly important on mobile, where screens are smaller and mistakes are easier to make.” 

He explains that as well as making the process easier for customers, he also believes that the future of retail lies in location:

Location information becomes more and more important, particularly with regard to click and collect and other ‘local’ fulfilment options. Location of the customer, location of the stock and location of stores or collection points.

And that’s just one example of the many ways location intelligence can help retail businesses optimise their checkouts and improve their customer experience.  

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