Oracle & Loqate Partnership – Extending the Next Generation Engagement Platforms with Partners

The partnership that produced Oracle Engagement Cloud smart data powered by Loqate began in 2011 and evolved from a vendor relationship into a strategic partnership over the course of multiple joint initiatives. Trust takes time and shared wins.

Stumbling into successful partnerships doesn't just happen. Wiring your organisation to have a strategic commitment and mindset to deliberately and proactively deliver partner success does. Start by setting and committing your organisation to a partner success approach.

Partners, such as Oracle must have confidence in Loqate to be the leading expert in Global Addressing, and be there to advise them on new trends and emerging technologies in location intelligence. We understand the importance of making sure we are actively investing in developing technologies and curating the best global address data in the market that will enable us to meet our commitment to our partners, today and into tomorrows. Don’t just talk the talk, make sure your organisation can walk the walk and deliver on being the subject matter expert to your partners.

At Loqate, we strive to deliver on our value proposition to our partners. We will remain flexible and nimble enough to be able to respond to Oracle’s evolving priorities.