Registration to activation: Safety vs speed

So, the task at hand is to create a journey that helps customers through the onboarding process with ease while steering clear of any irresponsible practices. Here we look at a few ways to improve the journeys made by prospective customers. 

How to improve the onboarding process in the gambling sector 

Take the omnichannel approach 

Working toward the Single Customer View starts with your data. You must quash any attempts – whether purposeful or otherwise – to create multiple accounts for the same person. Having an omnichannel approach that joins up the channels of your onboarding processes will go a long way toward alleviating the issue of duplicate data.  

On the surface, it might seem counterintuitive to ask customers to onboard through multiple touchpoints. However, taking an omnichannel approach allows customers to resume onboarding on a different device with ease if they stop part way through and gives you added benefit of two-factor verification, reducing the likelihood of the same customer signing up twice. In the long term, this will give you a truer picture of your customer data and make sure you don’t end up on the wrong end of any fines. 

Seamless detail verification processes 

Depending on the territory, you may need to verify several data points before onboarding a customer. Checking these data points can become a burdensome task for the customer as they must dig out their details, so the solution on your side must be as smooth as possible. However, it’s not as simple as removing them, as this is likely to not only break compliance, but also make the customer feel uneasy. 50% of people will abandon a sign-up if they feel it’s taking too long or if it doesn’t feel secure enough. 

Our address verification and bank verification solutions keep your prospective customers on task by speedily delivering accurate data through their capability to process millions of records per hour across vast datasets. Furthermore, the validation process drastically reduces the instance of errors, thereby saving you valuable resource that would otherwise be spent on correcting simple mistakes. 

Consider social responsibility 

To this point in 2022, gambling companies in the UK have been fined more than £20 million for failures relating to ‘social responsibility' - more than the total fines handed out in 2021. This is by far the principal reason for fines this year, so gambling companies must consider that any features that speed users through the journey are not without risk.  

For example, one of the founding principles of the Gambling Commission's social responsibility policy is that vulnerable people and children should be protected. As a part of the requirements relating to information for players, the policy states that business should: 

“{Improve } the effectiveness of product information to all consumers in order to educate, in particular those who are at risk of, or in the early stages of experiencing harm.” 

Any onboarding process that puts speed over education could be seen to be breaking this policy and thereafter be at risk of incurring a fine. 


Creating a successful onboarding journey for new customers requires flexibility, deliberation and calculated risks throughout the planning process. Considering where some parts of your campaigns may be rebuffed while assessing the risk to yourself and customers will afford you the tools to create a winning process.  

To find out more about how our address and bank verification solutions could improve your onboarding journey and how they work, chat with one of our expert team today.