The Power Duo: How Capture & Verify offer a catch-all solution

Does your business require customers to enter and confirm their address during onboarding or checkout? Do you then ingest that data into your database? The answer is likely to be yes if you are operating in a number of different industries such as eCommerce, healthcare, logistics, even banking.

With overall business success so closely tied to the accuracy of collected data, most brands rely on address verification to identify inaccuracies and verify missing data from manual data entries. They typically employ one of two types of address verification solutions: a front-end capture tool, or a back-end cleansing engine. However, the best way to speed up the data entry process, improve data accuracy and provide a winning customer experience is to utilize both.

At Loqate, we help businesses reach every customer, everywhere, with the most precise premise-level location data and solutions available – all on one platform.  Our front-end Capture capability provides a fast and frictionless way to pinpoint and capture an exact address, no matter the location, language or device. Verify, our back-end tool, verifies, standardizes, formats and enriches address data, giving you the confidence that your database is as accurate as possible.

By combining the two, brands can solve the problem of dirty data, all from one solution.

Error-free address data entry

An international fashion brand shared with us that even after an address has been captured saw that 20% to 30% addresses were edited later in the ecommerce process, circumnavigating the location inputted. More research indicates that 1 in 5 customers opt to manually enter their address or make edits to the retrieved address presented through point of entry validation. This decision made by a customer can lead to significant financial losses for businesses due to reduced data accuracy.

Upon address input, our Capture technology zones in on any worldwide location and displays a result within just three keystrokes. If the user is unable to find an address or disagrees with the options presented through Capture, the user can choose to manually enter their address. This entry is then verified on the back end to offer clean and accurate results.

By utilizing both Capture and Verify together, businesses ensure that they only obtain and store accurate data - despite the customers that "know best".

Leverage the power of quality data

Today very few transactions can take place without creating a customer record complete with address data needed for processes like verification, payments and delivery. With Loqate, businesses can verify addresses that enter from any point, from capture in your web, to ePOS forms and CRM. 

We’ve seen many brands use the combination of Capture and Verify, especially as the movement toward digital wallets becomes a more popular option at the point of checkout. A big brand UK retailer, introduced the combination of our Capture and verify products, they observed more customers bypassing the capture field in favor of the digital wallet process which often doesn’t include any verification at all.

As a result, they saw a 20% reduction in Capture usage, which ultimately lowered the quality of their address data and caused problems in the form of mounting “where is my order” enquiries and failed deliveries.

Your catch-all method of validation

Implementing data verification can work wonders for improving the state and value of your data. Loqate’s solution helps customers make data quality a priority by offering a “catch-all” solution for businesses who include manual address entry as an option for their users.

Using Capture and Verify together enables a positive customer experience, ensures data accuracy. Win-win!

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