What's new in Loqate: Reach more customers in Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and Türkiye

We’ve added 1 million new premise level data points to our Vietnam data set.  

These additional data points enable Loqate customers to reach and grow their business in Vietnam, which is 39th in the world for GDP. All Vietnamese postcodes provided follow the original format of 5 characters which was re-implemented recently, meaning customers have the most accurate location data available to them. We regularly refresh our data sources to ensure that we are always providing the most comprehensive and accurate premise level location data.  
But what does that mean for you as a Loqate customer?  

  • Higher quality data is entering your systems  
  • Automatically keep up with ever changing premise and building global data 
  • Improve conversion rates and first-time delivery of your goods and/or services 
  • Provide a better customer experience and satisfaction