Why your address data is letting you down

While implementing an address validation tool that standardises against data sets such as Postcode Address File (PAF®) is extremely effective in making sure your data is clean and accurate, it is worth keeping in mind that you could be missing out on reaching customers at up to 3 million more properties. So, how can you connect with this many more people?

UK Address File

The UK Address File (UKAF) is a larger file, containing over 33 million UK addresses that are updated frequently, allowing you to worry less about the quality of your address data once it's in your database. But why is this additional address data important?

Customer frustration

Imagine this situation: you're a student and you live in halls of residence shared by 200 other students. It's a new property – built just 3 months ago, and though you do have your own individual flat number, the retail site you're purchasing from doesn't seem to recognise this. To them, your individual flat doesn't exist. So, you have to select the general property number. But it's a risk. How do you know that your new item will definitely reach you? You wait anxiously to receive your item. It doesn't arrive. You complain to the retailer on social media; thousands of people see your post and the company's brand reputation is knocked. But you're still annoyed and you don't go back to that company's site again, instead opting to go to a competitor - who does recognise your address.

Additional data

With the UKAF, you can avoid this issue and communicate more effectively with over 33 million UK addresses, which is a 10% uplift on the number of addresses in PAF. These additional addresses include multiple properties on a single site, such as university residencies and blocks of flats, and 'Not-Yet-Built' properties, which otherwise could take up to a year to appear on PAF. This means that you will still be able to communicate with and send packages to customers who have just moved to a brand-new property without the fear that you don't have the correct address data for that property.

Deliver to the right address, first time

Standardising addresses against UKAF helps ensure packages are delivered to the right address, first time, reducing the risk and costs of failed deliveries and the negative customer experience associated with this. This is also a great way to improve user experience as it ensures that addresses can be auto-suggested and completed quickly and simply. This, in turn, leads to improved conversion rates as customers flow through the checkout with fewer issues and more loyal customers who return time and time again.

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