How Blue Tomato, the board sports and street style specialist, are improving online conversion rates with address verification from Loqate

Established over 30 years ago, Blue Tomato is one of the largest dealers for snowboard, freeski, skateboard, surf and street style in Europe. With over 45 branches in the DACH region, a presence in Netherlands and Finland and a Europe-wide ecommerce site the team at Blue Tomato have built an international community and have become the go-to brand for board sports and street style enthusiasts.

Delivering across Europe doesn’t come without its challenges, especially when it comes to the uniqueness and complexity of international address formats. We spoke with Head of Webshop Development, Andreas Augustin to find out how using Loqate has helped not only improve their delivery processes and data quality but also optimise the customer journey through the Blue Tomato ecommerce site.

“We deliver to over 50 countries and many of them have different address formats and rules, this can be quite challenging when it comes to providing the best online address form for each country. In the past, this has led to incorrect or incomplete address data, which leads to an increase in failed delivery and can massively impact the after-sales process”.

Looking for a solution to solve these problems, Augustin and his team came across Loqate via a thorough analysis of the addressing market and have since implemented address look-up services in their logistics system, CRM and ecommerce website.

“The international coverage Loqate offered was an obvious advantage for choosing Loqate over other solution providers. We needed a provider who could help support our international strategy”.

The international coverage offered by Loqate was an obvious advantage. We needed a provider who could help support our international strategy.

Conversion rates and user experience were two key performance indicators which Blue Tomato have carefully monitored since integrating address verification across their infrastructure.

“We wanted to provide a super slick experience for our customers, especially on mobile. The address input process with Loqate requires minimal effort from our customers. We can see that mcommerce customers are buying products faster, that combined with the address fields being much clearer, it has significantly lowered order cancellations.

Following an A/B test, address verification from Loqate was quickly implemented “The integration process was straightforward, including data mapping from start to finish it only took a few days, which, for a customised integration, was quick”.

The integration process was straightforward, it only took a few days, which, for a customised integration, was quick.

Loqate have helped Blue Tomato to improve online conversion rates in the ecommerce checkout, and not only that, due to improved data going directly into the business systems, fewer orders need to be corrected and the number of undeliverable parcels have been reduced.

Blue Tomato is going from strength to strength. They are a successful international brand who are not only offering their loyal fans fantastic products but also providing a quick, easy and convenient experience.
Andreas Augustin, Head of Webshop Development, Blue Tomato

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