Canyon Bicycles improve customer experience

Canyon Bicycles is a German manufacturer of road, mountain, urban, triathlon and e-bikes based in Koblenz, Germany. They have successfully built a global following of loyal fans over the last 25 years, due mainly to their incredibly high standards for both the production of their bikes and the quality experience they give their customers online and in their showrooms.

The integration of the Loqate solution was fairly straightforward, and any support we required was there straight away from the technical team at Loqate - the API integration works perfectly with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Using advanced technology to produce and develop their products, the Canyon team are made up of expert engineers, creative designers and passionate cyclists. They win award after award and are the brand of choice for some of the world’s top cycling athletes in events such as the Ironman World Championship and the Tour De France.

Christian Steyer, Team Manager of Business Development at Canyon Bicycles explained their key markets are Europe, the USA, as well as the far east. Roughly 90% of their business comes from their eCommerce and mCommerce sites, with 10% from their showrooms.

"Our customers are very digitally savvy; we want to ensure we provide them with the best experience. Our eCommerce site is built on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform because it allows us to focus on serving the best experience to a global audience, rather than worrying about maintenance”

With more than 130 different address formats across the world, operating and delivering to customers worldwide can come with issues.

“The quality of the data collected on our website, and then stored in our CRM systems must be the absolute best it can be. We operate in 90 countries and have 100’s of thousands of customers who all enter their address in a different way, this can be very problematic. Errors in the address can lead to returned products, frustrated customers and inefficiencies within the teams."

Realising these data quality issues, the Canyon team started their hunt for a supplier who could help improve the quality of their data captured on their website. Part of the selection process was to ensure that the address verification technology created an easy way to enter an address in the checkout process. “There were two sides to this project, it was important we kept the customer as a focus, and it was imperative that we could improve the operational side too. Address verification from Loqate gave us a solution to both.

We have made a lot of changes to improve our website, what we can see is that since implementing address verification from Loqate our data quality has improved, and the experience when entering an address online is better. Combined with the other changes we’ve made our conversion rates have definitely gone up.

As well as integrating address verification on the website, Canyon also needed to ensure the data they already had in their systems was up to date and correct. Working with their account manager, a cleanse of the entire customer data base was run, giving them clean and accurate records of their customers, which in turn has improved the overall customer experience.

Since implementing Loqate’s solution, Canyon are now looking at Loqate and the wider GBG product offering to help them further improve data quality and enhance the customer experience for their global audience.

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