Loqate, a GBG solution


  • Problems delivering to Irish addresses and slow fulfilment process
  • Protecting high conversion rates following online surge
  • Providing frictionless customer experience, replicating the in-store experience


  • Improved UX and conversion rates
  • Faster fulfilment and supply chain processes thanks to enhanced data quality
  • Confidence in delivering to hard-to-reach markets

Easy, efficient and exceptional

Charlotte Tilbury MBE is a British make-up artist and entrepreneur who grew her global beauty and skincare brand, of the same name, following 20 years of experience in the make-up industry.

The company has grown rapidly to critical acclaim and is now synonymous with luxury and quality. It is one of the fastest-growing beauty companies globally, has won countless awards, breaking records across countries, channels and categories. Charlotte Tilbury deployed Loqate’s address capture tool in their checkout in order to solve two main problems; online customer experience and order fulfilment. 

At Charlotte Tilbury, we are committed to making the shopping experience easy, efficient and exceptional for all of our customers and Loqate aligns perfectly with this.

Delivering our promise

Loqate’s technology ensures Charlotte Tilbury’s customers can checkout out easily and efficiently whilst providing a guarantee that data input is accurate.

This has not only had a significant impact on their online conversion rates but has helped to streamline their back-end processes within their warehouses. More recently, Charlotte Tilbury has added Irish postcodes, known as Eircodes, to their address finder which has made a considerable difference to deliveries in Ireland. Beth McNeely, Head of eCommerce for Charlotte Tilbury explains: 


Loqate gives our customers the confidence that our products will arrive on time and to the right location. We know that we are capturing accurate customer data in a format that works for our carriers.

Keeping up with expectations

In my role, one of the biggest challenges is keeping up with customer expectations. With technology emerging at breakneck speed, the challenge can often be identifying the solutions that will engage with our customers, offering the best online customer experience and setting us apart from the competition.

At Charlotte Tilbury, we have always strived to be one step ahead. We want to revolutionise the way people shop. We’ve launched virtual showrooms and masterclasses to help replicate the experience of visiting one of our physical stores, which has been really successful. Our goal has been to turn a brand which is largely about product into something far more experiential. This needs to be consistent in our stores and also online, from browsing products, to the checkout, through to delivery.

More recently, we’ve started capturing Eircodes in our checkout which has fixed a huge problem we were having with Irish address data in our supply chain. Before this, our warehouse team were having to manually append the Eircode to the individual order which was extremely time-consuming and prone to error.

Protecting our conversion rates

Like everyone else in the industry, the Covid Pandemic has had a huge impact to our business. We’ve seen a dramatic shift online, so we’ve had to work out very quickly how to manage these increased traffic volumes and protect our high conversion rates whilst delivering a frictionless experience. Loqate continues to play a significant role in this, ensuring user experience is optimised and keeping cart abandonment down to a minimum.

As we start to see restrictions easing, we’ve realised that our customers will shop where and however it suits them. It’s up to us to be there for them and bridge that on and offline experience.

In my experience, working with Loqate has been more of a partnership. Our account manager has a great understanding of our business model and understands our challenges. Loqate have been really flexible in helping us to navigate in an extremely volatile time. Equally, when we’ve needed to troubleshoot something they’ve addressed it straight away.

At Charlotte Tilbury, we are committed to making the shopping experience easy, efficient and exceptional for all of our customers and Loqate aligns perfectly with this.”




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